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Saturday Slop: Recap after the First Preseason Game

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Redskins Rookie Report: First Preseason Game |

-Murphy surprisingly played on just 25 snaps in Thursday's game. Granted he is a lock to both make the team and in his role as the 3rd OLB/extra rusher, but it would have been a nice chance to get him some extra work and have him work on things. Murphy showed up nicely versus the run (for the most part) making 3 tackles. Murphy though didn't do much as a pass rusher and was pretty routinely handled despite going up versus the 2nd and 3rd string RT. Murphy also struggled badly in coverage one time and was exposed on a nice gain. Murphy clearly has a ways to go to get up to the level of the starters, but it's a long preseason and Redskins fans shouldn't be too discouraged. One interesting thing of note is when the starters went out, Murphy played LOLB despite being listed as the back-up ROLB (behind Orakpo) and most people believing he's set to replace Orakpo after this season. Granted it is just one game, but it was interesting that the Redskins chose to not get Murphy work against the Patriots starting LT Nate Solder who played the first half.

Film Review: Redskins Defense | ESPN Washington Redskins Blog

I loved Brian Orakpo's sack because it was a team effort. First, Ryan Kerrigan pinched Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett up in the pocket with a good outside rush. For what it's worth I saw Kerrigan using a technique Brian Baker has emphasized. Kerrigan turned the corner on the tackle with his right arm up and inside his man. At the top of his rush, he did what Baker has focused on: He dropped his arm hard, returning his weight to his hips.

Washington Redskins Wake-up Call | ESPN Redskins Blog

4 Things to Watch as the Redskins get back to practice on Saturday | Washington Post

A Jason Hatcher sighting? The 6-foot-6, 299-pound defensive end was the splashy free agent acquisition on defense during the offseason, brought in from Dallas, where he recorded 11 sacks, to help shore up an anemic pass rush. After undergoing knee surgery in June, he has spent the first two weeks of camp working alone on a smaller field reserve for drills.

Gruden Happy with Progress on Tackling, but says still work to do | CSN Washington

"I was happy with the tackling," he said. "I was impressed, because I'm telling you, New England has four backs that are very good, maybe five. You know they weren't playing their starters, but those four or five backs, they've been starting for a lot of teams and they're very good. I think their line was out there for a little while. It was good to see us wrap up. It was good to see us gang tackling and flying around to the football."

Redskins Preseason Roster Prediction: Defense | CSN Washington

Fantasy Football Injury Round-up |