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Redskins Training Camp Day 12: Jay Gruden Presser

Coach Gruden speaks to the media following the last day of joint practices with the New England Patriots.

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DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon Injuries and game status:

Jason Hatcher:

Joint Practices in future training camps:

“It exposed some things we really have to work on as a staff,” Gruden said of the week. “And it exposed some things we have to work on as players. We competed very well. I’m excited the way we came off the ball and competed in drills. But moving forward we know that we have a long way to go, but we’re not as far as we think.” Gruden said the Patriots’ no-huddle tested their ability to communicate on the field. In a game, coaches would be wearing headsets so they can communicate with one another and relay more to the players, for example.

Ryan Clark and Phillip Thomas Injury Status:

Preseason game vs the Patriots:

Jim Haslett:

Keenan Robinson:

Robert Griffin III vs the Patriots defense:

“Sometimes we have a different approach,” Gruden said. “To see another team attack our defense and go after our coverages and our fronts in the run game and passing game was great for our defense. Same thing for our offense. Seeing another style of defense, more man-to-man, tight man-to-man, some mixture in coverages, a couple different blitzes -- it was great for us. It’s great for Robert, it’s great for the receivers and it was great for the coaches.”

Kory Lichtensteiger:

Gruden and Belichick aren't talking anymore:

Bruce Allen in the booth: