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The Sloppy Seconds: 8/5/2014

Hogs Haven takes a look at the biggest stories from around the NFL.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Bears suspend Martellus Bennett - ESPN

The Chicago Bears fined and suspended tight end Martellus Bennett for his role in a practice fight that resulted in the premature end to practice. This is a bold statement from the Bears, but is it a bit extreme?

Daniel Snyder defends 'Redskins' - ESPN

Exactly what everyone wants to hear about, more Redskins name debate, is it the regular season yet?

Saints owner hospitalized - ESPN

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson was hospitalized as a precaution today,but thankfully appears to be okay.

Bridgewater will get first team reps - ESPN

As he should.

Hoyer the starter ... for now - ESPN

As he should be.

How Many Running Backs? -CSN

This will be one of the more interesting roster cuts of the season, a good article from  Rich and Tarik.