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Sloppy Seconds 8-4-2014

Hogs Haven takes a look at the biggest news around the NFL.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Dalton, Bengals reach $96 million dollar deal- NFL

The contract actually isn't that onerous, and looks similar to the Kaepernick deal. Still, I am of the opinion that Dalton is the thing holding the Bengals back, and extending him like this won't help their Super Bowl chances.

David Wilson advised not to play football, stepping away from the game- NFL

It's sad to see someone with his skills forced out of the game, but chronic neck injuries are extremely serious.

NFL replaces photographs with tablets- The Verge

This comes as part of a $400 million dollar deal with Microsoft, who can be seen all over the NFL brand. They are also the only computers allowed down by the field, which is why everyone was relying on Polaroids.

Brett Favre's number to be retired by Green Bay- NFL

It's always good to see people destined for each other making up.

Arby's owner trolling Belichick and Snyder- SBNation

Doing God's work