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Community Bonding Hogs Haven Style

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As is the case every year around the start of the season, our Hogs Haven family grows. We have many new members who join the community - some stick, some don't - and make our wonderful site their new home for all of their Redskins news, debate and banter.

I thought it fitting to offer a thread for all our new members, or some of those who may have been long-time readers, but infrequent commenters, to introduce themselves to the community.

Please, share something about yourselves with all of our readers, and endear yourselves to the best group of Redskins fans on the planet.

And, for all of the regulars, please share a blurb about yourself in the comment section, so our new members have an idea about the people who have made this community so great for so many years.

We also have a bunch of new members who have recently changed their user names. If you choose to, please share with the community your old screen name, and why you decided to change to your new one.

Feel free to share as much, or as little information as you are comfortable with, and as always, we welcome all new members, and thank all of our regular contributors for making Hogs Haven the best Redskins site on the web!

[Editor's note: You can now change your user name by editing your profile(one time only using this feature)]