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Redskins take down Tampa Bay 24-10 in Final Pre-Season Test

Everything you need to know from the Redskins 24-10 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Here's everything you missed from the Redskins 24-10 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Ryan Grant is awesome, with all the weapons we have I'm not sure how Coach Gruden is going to do it, but he is going to have to get Grant some opportunities in the regular season. Grant has shocked me since the day he arrived in Washington by how polished of a receiver he is. He runs excellent routes, has great field awareness, and he plucks the ball out of the air and makes it look easy.

Gabe Miller played very well, he had good penetration on a few plays in addition to his strip sack, it will be interesting to see if Miller has done enough to pass Everette Brown on the depth chart, who has seen more special teams action than Miller. However, linebackers coach Brian Baker has emphasized not only getting to the quarterback but stripping the ball when given the opportunity; Miller certainly helped his case to make the 53-man roster tonight.

Chris Neild suffered a knee injury and was carted off the field, it's a tough break for a player who was on the roster bubble.

Richard Crawford did not help his case tonight; he did not return punts well and had an overall un-inspiring performance.

Chris Thompson definitely made some plays and showed that he just has an extra gear that most guys don't have when he gets going at full speed. However, I'm still not sold on Thompson's ability to stay healthy based off one pre‑season game and I'm not ready to hand him a roster spot yet.

Silas Redd on the other hand has played consistently throughout the pre-season; he had some nice runs and catches including a fantastic run on a 3rd and 9 to pick up the first down. I actually like Redd to force his way onto the roster.

The Redskins have to convert in the red-zone. I know it isn't the first team out there but as a team it's an area that needs to be improved upon, converting touchdowns in the red-zone is often the difference between winning and losing, and needs to be a point of emphasis.

Trenton Robinson had a solid night, including a beautiful open field tackle for loss on a third and two to force a fourth down. Akeem Davis played pretty well tonight as well, including some solid special teams play.

Morgan Moses was rotated from the right to left side from series to series.

Clifton Geathers is a space eater, he will never wow you with his athletic ability but he has enjoyed a solid pre-season and with the injury to Neild and Bowen not likely to open the season on the 53-man I like his chances to make the roster.

Aldrick Robinson played a solid game, he has definitely grown and developed quite a bit this off-season.

The Redskins backup defense style matches the starters, tenacious. The defensive unit swarmed to the ball and played aggressive defense, a good sign for Jim Haslett.

The kicking battle continued tonight, and things are still pretty even; even though Hocker missed from 38 yards I still give him the slight edge being the younger option with a bigger leg. I would by no means be shocked if the Redskins elected to go with Forbath.

Akeem Jordan went down with an injury; we will have more on this as soon as we get word. However, this will make the inside linebacker cuts interesting with Sharpton and Jordan sustaining injuries.

Seastrunk showed his ability to take even a simple play to the house. The rookie didn't do a fantastic job pass blocking, but McCoy managed to get the ball to Seastrunk and he made one guy miss and it was off to the races from there. The running back cut will be one of the most interesting to watch unfold.

The Redskins flashed their impressive depth again tonight. I think people overlook the two year cap penalty and its effect on the Redskins, the past two seasons the Redskins haven't had the depth they would like because of the cap penalties hurting their special teams especially. The Redskins reserves have played very well, which is a good sign heading into 2014.

Based on tonight's action, a few changes to my 53-man roster predication that was posted earlier: I'll give Gabe Miller the edge over Everrette Brown, and I believe the Redskins keep four running backs: Morris, Helu, Thompson, and Redd (and Young at fullback).

I think Lache Seastrunk will benefit from some time on the practice squad, with the running back depth the Redskins have there's no need to rush him onto the field. Seastrunk needs to develop more as a runner, too often he gets too fancy and tries to bounce it outside or dance behind the line of scrimmage instead of attacking the line of scrimmage. Yes he has the homerun ability, but that will always be there and he will benefit from the time to develop his all-around game while on the practice squad, and with Chris Thompson's injury history he may get his opportunity sooner than later.

In my opinion Silas Redd has forced his way onto the 53-man roster. He does anything you ask of him and he does it pretty well. Redd pass blocks, gets the tough yards, can catch out of the backfield, and he plays special teams. Redd could be a diamond in the rough for the Redskins, going from an undrafted free-agent to someone pushing for a roster spot.

For the most part, the Redskins have managed to stay healthy throughout the pre-season, and will open the season with all their starters healthy.

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