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Tailgating for Charity: Skins Extravaganza

The 8th Annual Skins Extravaganza takes place on October 19, when the Redskins host the Tennessee Titans.

UPDATE: Just wanted to mention this event is not a team-run event. It is run by fans. Also, until September 6th, you can enter the code 'HogsHaven' for a 15% discount on tickets. Full disclosure: I will try and get over to this event myself, but I am responsible for manning the Hogs Haven tailgate as well, so not sure how I can get there and back in a timely fashion (this event takes place in the RV lot.)

File this away under "Reasons to Tailgate."

Longtime Redskins fan and Hogs Haven reader James Pillor reached out to me to spread awareness for this event. This is what he had to say about Skins Extravaganza:

The Skins Extravaganza is the flagship event put on by the Windmill Foundation to benefit of the youth of the Northern Va/Washington D.C. area. This year we are partnering with Kaboom!, a charity started in DC that's mission is to build playgrounds all over the country. The Skins Extravaganza is a combination Party Bus + Extravaganza Tailgate with 100% of the money raised going to charity. Guests have the option of participating in the Party Bus or to provide their own transportation. All guests that choose to participate in the Party Bus will ride in style and safety to FedEx Field where they will be greeted by friendly staff and checked in to the Extravaganza tailgate.

The tailgate is catered and all-inclusive. Your event pass entitles you to all the food and drink your heart desires. Upon entering the tailgate guests are also free to participate in several exciting activities. Throughout the day, games will be broadcast on several TVs in the tailgate area. Guests have the option of watching the Skins game in the stadium or on TVs at the tailgate with other guests.

To learn more, check out their website here. Should you decide this is something you would like to participate in, here is the link to reserve your spot. Again, this tailgate takes place on October 19 for the Tennessee Titans game.