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Calling Out Redskins Offensive Line Coach Chris Foerster

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sorry, but enough is enough!

We had major problems with this offensive line when Mike Shanahan was the head coach.  Many of us, myself included, pointed the finger squarely at Shanahan for the decisions to start certain players, even though it was very obvious to even the most casual fan that the play of some was well below average.

Now that Mike Shanahan is gone, I am still seeing the same incompetence when it comes to the play of the offensive line, and more so, the guys who are being trotted out with the first unit. The finger-pointing will continue, as long as the play of this unit is sub-par, and I am pointing a finger directly at offensive line coach Chris Foerster.

I have watched the performance of the starting offensive line this year over and over again from my computer with the NFL Preseason Pass that I subscribe to each year.  I still can not understand why guys like Chris Chester, Tyler Polumbus and Kory Lichtensteiger are starters; not just on this team, but ANYWHERE in the league.

I am not an NFL offensive line coach, but I understand blocking techniques, footwork, and protection schemes. I have studied the Zone Blocking System, and the RULE blocking system, and although I'm not on the field to hear the play calls, I'm confident I can re-watch a play three times in slow motion, and tell you the responsibility of each man on the line with good accuracy. The question I have to ask is, how can Chris Foerster sit in a film session, watch the same plays we are all seeing, and not bench certain players? In my line of work, if I don't produce results, I am relieved of my duties, in favor of someone who can. Sure, I may be given chances to correct mistakes I have made, and improve upon numbers I needed to hit, but in the end, it comes down to results. If my performance is not where it needs to be, I will suffer the consequences.

With Foerster, I don't understand his position in regards to grading the play of his starters, and holding them accountable for their results. This is a coach who has no professional playing experience. I would rather bring in someone who has played the position at a high level, who can actually relate to the players we have, and show a bit more savvy with talent evaluation. He was an under-sized walk-on center at Colorado State back in the early 80's. Maybe he sees a bit of himself in some of the rag-tag linemen we have on our starting unit.

How can a coach sit there and watch Chris Chester make mistake after mistake, without there being any repercussions for the poor play he's putting on film? How many times can Tyler Polumbus get beat with a speed rush, before SOMEONE steps in and says enough is a-freakin nuff! How can the entire offense, coaches and players included, sit and watch Lichtensteiger get driven into the backfield by defensive linemen, without speaking their mind?

You know what, maybe Robert Griffin isn't the diva everyone thinks he is. Maybe he spends a lot of time in the film room, and is seeing what you and I see with this offensive line. How can any young quarterback want to play behind this unit?

When will Chris Foerster open his eyes, and realize the plan he has in place for his unit is just not working? It's year five now Chris. If you haven't figured it out by now, you're never going to get it. Moving forward, I'm placing the blame of this unit on the shoulders of a coach I'm growing to hate. Chris Foerster - step it up, or step out!