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Alfred Morris featured in "Tough Season" Fantasy Football Mockumentary

Alfred Morris continues to humbly become your favorite Redskins player

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Alfred Morris will once again be starring in the online fantasy football mockumentary, "Tough Season"  which features a fantasy football league, and one owner in particular who develops relationships with the players on his team.  In the 2nd season, Brad, last season's winner tries to retain his championship.  Alfred Morris is also looking to help win the fantasy championship, and the pizza party that comes with it.

The official press release for the new season:
NFL sponsor Lenovo today launched season two of its popular fantasy football mockumentary Tough Season. The humorous 13-episode series – developed and produced by Lenovo, DigitasLBi and the in-house creative services division of The Onion, Onion Labs – is live and available for viewing by visiting Tough Season 2 features seven current and former NFL stars, Andrew Luck, Matt Forte, Alfred Morris, AJ Green, Wes Welker, Mason Crosby and Doug Flutie.
Lenovo’s inaugural Tough Season series garnered 13.5 million total views and won a 2014 CLIO Sports award. Tough Season 2 will see five more episodes than last year, four bonus videos of extended scenes including a music video.
"It’s great to be back for a second Tough Season with Lenovo," said Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. "All of us players really enjoyed shooting the series, and working with the very funny writers at The Onion. Fans still remind me about my fake championship-game locker room speech from last year! I can’t give away what happens this season…but I can tell you that it involves multiple hula skirts and a pretty sweet music video."
The series premise revolves around perennial fantasy football loser Brad Blevins (actor Tim Baltz) using Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Pro and support from NFL stars to secure his first-ever office fantasy title. In season two, how will Brad handle the defense of his crown: will he let success and his Lenovo spokesman contract go to his head? Can he count on his NFL friends to perform up to championship standards?
The videos will be supported by social engagement from the fictional fantasy owner/coach Brad Blevins, through The Onion and Onion Sports (who together have more than 10 million followers), the players who appear on the series – and three real-life teams, the Colts, Bears and Redskins.

If you missed Season 1, here is the full playlist including some great scenes with Alfred Morris:

The new season premiered today, and there will be a new episode every Friday for the next 12 weeks. Here is the first episode:

And today also marked the world premiere of the music video for the hit song, "Cheeseburger in a Coconut" featuring Alfred Morris, Matt Forte, Andrew Luck, Wes Welker, and other NFL players.


Alfred having a good laugh:


Alfred riding some waves:


Alfred riding a Great White shark: Alfredmorris3_medium

Alfred vs Andrew Luck: Danceoff!: Alfredmorris4_medium

Alfred and Andrew Luck buried in the sand:


Alfred riding a surf board on magma: Alfredmorris6_medium

Alfred being Alfred: