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Daily Slop: Redskins Notes and Stories August 21st

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Redskins 53 Man Roster: How are things shaping up after two preseason games | Washington Post

This projection remains the same. Jay Gruden again spoke highly of McCoy and his contributions to the room, and he also is the insurance policy if Griffin, who in Game 2 displayed his reckless side again, if the starter can't remain healthy and Cousins has to take over.

5 Players who have improved this preseason |

Redskins adapting to a new offense | CSN Washington

The Redskins' first-team offense has produced a mixed bag of results in its first two games under new head coach Jay Gruden. The most notable statistic is 0, as in the number of touchdowns Robert Griffin III and the starters have produced in four drives. But in terms of getting in and out of the huddle quickly, being in sync with the snap count and showing command of the verbiage of Gruden's offense, they seem to be in decent shape.

Gruden preparing his Redskins for the grind of a regular season | CSN Washington

Most fans see the only the glamorous part of the NFL, the three hours on Sundays with the big plays and big hits. But not all of football is excitement. There is a lot of tedious repetition during the week, work that is necessary to pull off what happens on game day.

Predicting the Redskins 10 Man Practice Squad |

Taking a look at who should make up the Redskins practice squad after final cuts are made.

Getting to know Andre Roberts | ESPN Redskins Blog

Robert Griffin III: Keep doubting me | ESPN Redskins Blog

Griffin is comfortable in the spotlight and an extrovert -- he probably signed more autographs than any other Redskins player during training camp. In his first two seasons, the Redskins limited his news conferences to after games and once during the week. He's now available every day, a change the Redskins trumpeted and one Griffin likes.

Predicting the Redskins 53 man roster |