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Jay Gruden Post-Practice Presser - 8/21

Jay Gruden answers questions from the media, has SlideGate passed?

Rob Carr

Morgan Moses:

“Both of them have played on the left side pretty well,” Gruden said. “I’ve been very impressed with their first two outings in game situations. We’ll see how they do against a very good Baltimore defense and then down in Tampa.”
“I think he’s got enough athleticism to be a very, very good tackle in this league for a long time,” Gruden said of Moses, who led the team in snaps against the Patriots and Browns. “It’s just a matter of him getting comfortable.” Gruden added: “He really hasn’t gotten beat in the preseason games yet. He’s doing a good job out here in practice, but it’s just a matter of getting comfortable with his pass sets and being consistent with his approach on play-to-play. Not doing great for three plays and then having, ‘Oh, I didn’t know what to do on that one.’ Those are the ones we have to eliminate, and the beauty of it is [that] he doesn’t have to come in right away and start every game. He can learn and then when his time is ready, hopefully he’ll be ready to roll.”

Spencer Long:

"Solid player, still learning the angles in the running game and who to get up to and all that stuff. And in the passing game the blitz pickups and all that. He's doing a good job for this being his first year."

Lache Seastrunk:

Barry Cofield and Tracy Porter's status:

Starters playing time vs Ravens:

1st round of cuts:

Rashad Ross:

Chris Thompson:

Stephen Bowen:

Nick Williams:

Gruden on WR Nick Williams: "He's good because he can play multiple spots. ... Nick's another one that can play in the NFL."

— Washington Redskins (@Redskins) August 21, 2014