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The Sloppy Seconds 8/19/2014

Hogs Haven's round-up of the biggest news and notes from around the NFL.

Rob Carr

Hello! and welcome to The Sloppy Seconds! Hogs Haven's round-up of the biggest story-lines in the NFL today.

Browns not ready to name starting QB - ESPN

Shocker. Neither quarterback stood out against a lets be honest a Redskins secondary that isn't exactly the strong point of the team.

Watt eyes long-term contract - ESPN

Hey, if the Texans are dumb enough to not reward one of the best defensive players in the NFL, I'm sure Bruce Allen could create some cap space...

Jairus Byrd expected to make debut - ESPN

The ball-hawking safety participated in full-contact drills for the first time as a member of the New Orleans Saints, and will likely make his debut this Saturday in the Saints' pre-season action against the Colts.

Redskins to Manziel: It isn't college - ESPN

This is just hilarious, worth a read even if you saw everything from last night.

Will RGIII ever learn how to slide? - CSN

As I said in my review of the game last night, I refuse to believe an athlete of Griffin's caliber can't learn how to slide.

NFL expands practice squads to 10 players -

64 new jobs as a professional football player just opened up!