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Redskins Training Camp: Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen Pressers

Head Coach Jay Gruden and GM/President Bruce Allen answered questions from the media following the final day of training camp in Richmond.

Patrick McDermott

Jordan Reed:

Ryan Kerrigan, Santana Moss, and Kory Lichtensteiger not practicing:

Coach Gruden gave all three of them a veteran's day off. He said Moss had been running a lot and needed a day to "get his legs under him".

Training in Richmond vs at Redskins Park:

Training camp may be over, but the work the players put in will stay consistent with their time in Richmond. Meeting times might change, but the grind of studying football and practicing football will stay pretty much the same.

Facing the Browns on Monday night:

Gruden said he's looking forward to playing the Browns and Johnny Football. There's a lot that's exciting about Johnny Football to watch as a football player and a rookie. He emphasized that they will be focusing on what the Redskins need to get done and how they are going to prepare to be successful. They'll start looking at the game plan tomorrow and Thursday and then work with the team starting Friday. He added that his brother Jon will be here(broadcasting the game for ESPN) which will be fun.

The drama in camp from last year:

Gruden doesn't know(or care) what happened last year, but he was pleased with how this year's training camp went. Any camp without drama is better for the team.

Starters playing time vs Cleveland:

Gruden will evaluate the team's health, and make a decision later in the week, but he expects the starters to get more playing time than during the first game.

Two QBs vs Three QBs:

Gruden said they carried 2 QBs and one on the practice squad during his time with the Bengals, but they were very fortunate not to have any injuries. Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins are both performing well in camp and during the preseason. The decision will be made at final cuts, but Gruden is pleases with the performance of all the QBs on the roster.

Hard Knocks:

Allen said the team discussed the possibility of going on HBO's "Hard Knocks" and will do so again in the future, though he said the Redskins did not want to volunteer for the show this summer because it was Gruden's first training camp as head coach. But Allen was non-committal about whether they'd want to do the show in the future.

Joint Practices for the 2015 Training Camp:

The Redskins will look into practicing with another team next summer. Allen and the coaches liked working with New England last week, though Gruden said at the time he would prefer to have it held in Richmond if they do it again. Allen did not say if the Redskins would be willing to travel. "Having the Patriots come in just gave us added work where it wasn't live hitting and it allowed the players to perform," Allen said.

Benefits of Joint Practices with Patriots:

One takeaway for Allen from the second year for the Redskins in Richmond was the benefit of having a joint camp with the New England Patriots. The Patriots were in Richmond for three practices prior to playing the Redskins in the preseason opener for each. Allen is interested in bringing another team in next year. "That work was invaluable for us from an evaluation standpoint," Allen said.

Benefits of preseason games:

"I think there’s a great value in the preseason games," Allen said. "I say that not just on behalf of the team, I see it for the players." Allen alluded to the running back competition among Lache Seastrunk, Silas Redd, Chris Thompson and Evan Royster. Battles likes that are why he feels the preseason games hold weight, particularly the final one when the game will be filled with backups throughout.

Salary Cap/Roster moves before final cuts:

Allen said the Redskins have approximately $2 million in salary-cap space (ESPN Stats & Information has the Redskins at $2.4 million). "Obviously we're going to have some injuries during the year that will eat that up," he said. "We're going to make those adjustments and look at different options after the third preseason game." They could free up a little more room based on their final cuts, but at that time the entire 53-man roster will count toward the cap and not just the top 51 (out of 90).

Watching games in the booth/helping with replay:

Defensive Line's Conditioning: