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Rex Grossman Rejoins Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland

In not so surprising news Rex Grossman has joined up with our ex Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland. What does that mean for the Browns' already messy QB situation?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It was obviously going to happen at some point. Kyle Shanahan has worked with Sexy Rexy for the last few years in Washington and will know exactly what he is getting from the experienced quarterback.

As far as backup QB's go, Rex Grossman is not a bad addition for any team. The 33 yr old brings some great experience with him, and under Shanahan he will be able to mentor the two young QB's (Hoyer and Manziel) in the intricacies of Shanahan's West Coast scheme.

In a move that also sees them release Tyler Thigpen, you have to wonder what this means in a team that already has it's fair share of QB controversy.  Does it mean that if Hoyer can't beat out Manziel he may be cut? What happens if Grossman steps in and outperforms both of the young rookies? Although the latter scenario is unlikely (considering Rex hasn't played a game since 2011) this certainly will be portrayed as a little reminder to both the young QB's that the NFL can be a ruthless place if they aren't performing to expectations.

I am sure all of us here at Hogs Haven wish Rex the best of luck in his new team. Aside from his knack for interceptions, he was always a model pro with the Redskins.