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Sunday Slop: August 10th

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Projected 53 Man Roster after 1st Preseason Game |

A look at the projected roster breakdown by position, including a look at why some guys will win their position battles.

Redskins Camp Report Day 17: | ESPN Redskins Blog

The emergence of receiver Aldrick Robinson continues to be a big topic, thanks to making some big plays last week in practice against New England and then again in the preseason game Thursday. He hauled in another deep ball from Griffin on Saturday, getting past corner DeAngelo Hall. "He practiced extremely hard all through OTAs and training camp," Griffin said. "He's a guy that pops off the screen." In other words, he shows up a lot on the tape making plays. Robinson has made big plays in past summers, but with the added speed offensively, the Redskins can pair him with other fast wideouts. They can no longer just assume he'll be the wideout going deep. Consistency, though, has always been his nemesis.

Redskins Run Game Must Power Mindset | ESPN Redskins Blog

There's no way to know that of course. When the passing game starts to click, will they lean that way? No way to know right now; a knock on Jay Gruden in Cincinnati was that he abandoned the run game too fast. Then again, he did not have a run game as strong as what he inherited in Washington.

Need to Know: Gruden Looking for Physical Mindset | CSN Washington

Gruden wants players who have a particular mindset and he's trying to sort out who does and who doesn't. "That's what we are trying to do. We're trying to adopt a physical style of play, obviously," he said. "Offense and defense, protect the quarterback, dominant in the run blocking, and obviously stopping the run and getting after the passer are very key elements. But there's other elements that's very important in football - your mindset is very important, how you handle bad events, how mentally tough you are and when things don't go so well from a week to two weeks or from a play to a quarter, whatever it is, how you react.

Injuries Mount in Camp's Final Days | Richmond Times Dispatch

The Washington Redskins were dealing with a number of injured players during Saturday's practice. The workout was a low-tempo, non-padded time that eased players back into the camp routine.

Hall sustain's Back Injury: Preliminary diagnosis: Bruise | CSN Washington

Leonard Hankerson to meet with Dr. Andrew's Soon | Washington Post Redskins Blog

Redskins wide receiver Leonard Hankerson continues to improve while recovering from last fall's surgery to repair ligaments in his knee. He soon will meet with Dr. James Andrews to see if he's ready to be cleared for practice.

Redskins Rookie Report: First Preseason Game |