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The Sloppy Seconds 08-01-14

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A look at the top NFL stories around the league.

Otto Greule Jr

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Sloppy Seconds, your afternoon/evening update on all of the news around the NFL.

Josh Gordon meets with the NFL to appeal his suspension -

Gordon's attorney's are arguing he tested positive for marijuana due to second hand smoke.  Now, how to explain away last month's DUI...

Brady Quinn worked out for an unnamed team on Monday -

**Spoiler alert**  It was the Patriots.

Nick Fairly sentenced in DUI case -

Speaking of DUI's, it appears the Lions' defensive lineman didn't feel like appearing in court and got in a little bit of trouble.

Jaguars lose rookie wide receiver Allen Robinson for an "extended period of time" -

And sadness continues to reign supreme in Jacksonville.