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Tanard Jackson Suspended...Again

Tanard Jackson's NFL career is effectively over after his latest indefinite suspension.

The man who held Redskins Nation captivated, awaiting his return for the last two years, has been suspended today for the 4th time in his NFL career.  Just last weekend he was talking about not taking his opportunity for granted, and what it meant to be away from football for mistakes that he had made.

"It was difficult,’’ he said of his two-year absence. "You can imagine somebody getting taken away from something that they love to do and having to humble themselves after doing something wrong. That was me. I had to take responsibility for it and face the consequences.’’

This indefinite suspension should be the last one that Jackson receives, his previous indefinite suspension lasted 2 years.  There hasn't been any word about when the Redskins found out about Jackson's latest suspension.  He was reinstated from his previous suspension on May 6th, and was released that same day.  He was then quickly re-signed by the team the following day to a 1 year, vet minimum deal to save $135k in cap space this season.  Early reports were good for Jackson at camp, but he spent the majority of the time working with the 2nd and 3rd teams during practices and was considered a bubble player by many.