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The Sloppy Seconds 7/7/2014

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Hogs Haven takes a look at the news around the league.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Cris Carter: Browns need to 'release' WR Josh Gordon-

Carter cites his own release for off the field issues as his rock bottom, and believes Gordon won't be able to address his issues until he reaches that point.

Tony Gonzalez: Tight end salary is 'discrimination'-

One of the greatest tight ends of all times says that the NFL's views on franchise tagging and positions is behind the times.

Sabres owner hires broker to make bid on Bills- ESPNnews

Forbes values the Bills at around $800 million, but the value of professional sports teams has been skyrocketing lately.

Judge grants preliminary approval to revised concussion settlement - Yahoo

The revised, uncapped settlement package for damages related to concussions for retired NFL players was reported last week. Now Judge Anita Brody, who presides over league affairs, has granted this settlement preliminary approval.