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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Robert Griffin III is said to be in "2012 form" on the practice field. If that is true, look for his 2014 form to eclipse anything that the 2012 rookie was capable of doing.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. I am sure we have all read the story by now of Robert Griffin III looking as sharp as he did two years ago. Sean McVay (our offensive coordinator) is proclaiming to the world that Griffin appears to be in "2012 form." Granted, he was "ELECTRIFYING!" in 2012, but he was also a rookie. Don't worry, I know that McVay is not out there telling everyone that Griffin is back to looking like a rookie again. He most assuredly does not look like a rookie. Still, the thought of RG3 being good enough to sniff 1,000 yards rushing is a tad bit terrifying to me.

2. With great power, comes great responsibility. A certain...sense...tells me that we all know this. Mike Harar has this tattooed on the small of his back (he would have put it on his chest, but he already has "Death Before Dishonor" tattooed there). Where I am going with this is: The last thing I want Griffin to see when he looks into the mirror is "Big Shot Bob." As a fan of both the Redskins and general awesomeness, there is nothing that would necessitate a change of shorts faster than a 75-yard touchdown scramble. That said, in the interests of being able to root for #10 for the next ten years, I would take 100 8-yard runs to the sidelines instead of a dozen or so home run shots that each open up Griffin to the possibility of destruction.

3. I just don't know how guys deal with the skills that Griffin so obviously possesses. I mean, when you know you can beat every single person on the field in a race, how do you not keep that option open on every single play? I am sure that NFL quarterbacks have a billion things racing through their minds before, during and after each play. What has to happen for a guy like Griffin to succeed in turning off that blinking light in his brain that tells him to, "RUN, FORREST, RUN!?"

4. I think the biggest answer is "trust." Clearly, he will have to learn to trust a new configuration along the offensive line. It says here that we will be much improved in 2014 on the line, but other things have been said here that have...uhhhh...been discredited (Dennis Morris is still playing football at least--currently for the West Texas Wildcatters, sooooooooo...yeah). Clearly, Pierre Garcon and RG3 have a good comfort level with each other, but it will take at least some time to develop that with DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts. I am sure that Griffin and Jackson will get there by the season opener. Jordan Reed is also a familiar target and should be ready to go, and a backfield that is likely to consist of mostly Alfred Morris and Roy Helu will also help Griffin on the familiarity front. There is still the matter of a new head coach and new offense, which we have habitually made into a huge deal around here in the past ("If only Jason Campbell could have the same offensive scheme for more than one or two years..."). All of it together requires even the most seasoned professionals to buckle down and work on learning to trust each piece. The good news is that Griffin has a whole offseason to get there in 2014. Instead of rehabilitating his knee, he is working with his receivers. It would be very hard to overstate the importance of this. It would be very hard to suggest the result of this won't be the trust we are so desperately trying to see.

5. Let's not sleep on the matter of Griffin trusting his own leg again. Of all the things that are mentioned above, the trust a player has in his own body ranks right at the top. I think we would all agree the brace hindered Griffin in 2013. Being able to lose the brace in 2014 will undoubtedly enhance his agility, but not wearing the brace also takes time to overcome from a mental standpoint. A buddy of mine who was an All-American offensive left tackle in the ACC talked to me about the mind games that occur when an elite athlete no longer requires the aid of a brace. First, there is the decision on whether or not to keep wearing it anyway. Of course, it is a different kind of decision when you are talking about an athletic quarterback versus a 350-lb. offensive lineman, but when you spend that much time wearing something while doing your job, some part of you begins to believe you need it. It is the silencing of that voice that takes time, he told me. The good news is that RG3 has already done this before, coming back from a knee injury and surgery while at Baylor. People who play at that level are just wired differently than us. My guess is that Griffin, like my friend, puts way more belief into his own ability than any piece of hardware. After enduring this twice however, here's hoping that he will trust his leg to get him to either the sideline or the ground prior to getting pummeled by opposing linebackers and safeties.

6. Simply put, I don't think Griffin will be in "2012 form" this season. I think he will be in 2014 form!! His raw athletic ability will officially be paired with two full (or you know...full"ish") seasons of professional experience. He will benefit from an offseason with his teammates, which means WE will benefit from that as well. He is already a smart player. He is already an accurate passer. He is already an electric talent. In 2014, he will be able to put it all together and it says here that he will make people forget not just about 2013, but also 2012. If teams prepare for the 2012 Robert Griffin III, they will be sorely unprepared for what is unleashed on them this season.