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Redskins Training Camp Day 7: Jay Gruden Presser

Jay Gruden talks to the media after Day 7 of Training Camp.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Rice Jr Shoulder Injury:

Tyler Polumbus' Absence:

Trent Williams:

Pierre Garçon and Phillip Thomas Hamstring Injuries:

Robert Griffin III:

Practices Today and Tomorrow:

Kicker Battle!:

Improving tackling on defense:

New defensive penalty rules:

Keenan Robinson:

Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett:

Gruden discussed this long ago, but there’s always interest in why he retained defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. Shortly after he was hired, Gruden talked about how the defense did not have enough talent. Also, he wanted another former head coach on his staff. Thursday, Gruden discussed it again. "The big thing with him was just trying to get him a few more horses," he said, "trying to get him better personnel. I’ve said a lot that it’s sometimes not so much about the plays but about the players and we’re trying to do a better job of getting better players in here to help fit his scheme and what he wants to do. We’ve given them better players that now he can go out and call a lot of different defenses and be effective as opposed to being handcuffed, so to speak, last year or whatever."

The Secondary:

Head Coach of the Anit-Stat Team: