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Redskins Training Camp Day 7: Alfred Morris Presser

Alfred Morris answers a few questions from the media following the 7th day of Redskins training camp.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Competition at RB:

Drama-free Offseason:

More hitting/practice in pads this year:

Patriots practices:

Chris Thompson:

Running schemes:

Addition of DeSean Jackson to the offense:

"I never looked at it as if I was going to get less touches having him," said Morris, who has rushed for a combined 2,888 yards in his first two seasons combined. "I got excited having him because he’s going to take that extra defender off the box."
"It definitely takes one, two extra eyes off the backfield just for a split second which can just make the difference in any game, any play," Morris said.
"Just having [Jackson], they have to respect him," Morris said. "I would love it if they stacked the box this year. We could just go deep every play. I would love that. The quicker we can get off the field, the better."

Pass Protection Responsibilities:

"One of the main reasons why [some] big-name running backs in college don’t make it in the pros is because [they] can’t pass-pro and can’t read blitzes," Morris said. "If you can’t protect the quarterback, who is the franchise, then you won’t be on the field."
"There’s so much going on in your head. … At first, everything’s bouncing around. You may look to one side too much, and then a cornerback blitzes off the edge, sacks your quarterback and you’re back on the bench."
"You have to see everything," he said. "For me being in my third year now, the game has slowed down."

Clips of Alfred Morris, Evan Royster, Randy Jordan, Robert Griffin III, OC Sean McVay talking about the RB crew working on catching more passes this season.