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Washington Redskins Training Camp 2014: Three Things on My Mind

iH8dallas shares his thoughts on the Washington Redskins 2014 Training Camp

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Number One: The Forgotten Defensive Lineman, Jarvis Jenkins

When Jarvis Jenkins was drafted in the second round of the 2011 draft, it left a lot of Redskins fans scratching their included (could have been lice though). However, when Jenkins got in to training camp, he dominated. Of course his rookie season never saw the light of day due to a torn ACL suffered in preseason. Then Jenkins was meh in 2012, then meh + suspension in 2013. He has been just sort of, there, hanging around the defensive line and chilling. Maybe he'll make a tackle, maybe he won't. Whatever. Nothing special.

But this off season Jenkins noticed that Chris Baker received an extension and Jason Hatcher was signed to a lucrative contract. "WAIT A MINUTE!" Jenkins thought to himself. "THOSE GUYS PLAY MY POSITION!"

Apparently seeing a co-worker get a raise and a new hire come around have opened his eyes, according to Mike Jones of The Washington Post.

"Main thing is, man, I’ve got to live up to what I was drafted to," Jenkins said. "I got hurt my rookie year, did okay the next year, third year was average and I had the suspension. I’ve got to show it. I’ve got to show these guys I can play football, and that’s why I’ve got to come with an extra fire under my [butt]. I’ve got to prove it, and being average ain’t going to prove it. Looking like the other guys isn’t any good. I’ve got to stand out."

In practice so far Jenkins has looked more like the guy who was impossible to block in the 2011 training camp.

I've got my eye on you JARVIS!


Number Two: Kory Lichtensteiger Performing Well at Center?!

Can this be? Is Kory Lichtensteiger really going to be a decent center? From everything I've read it seems he's balling out so far. I have nothing else to add except PLEASE KEEP RGIII FROM GETTING KILLED IN 1.5 SECONDS KTHANKS!

Number Three: Ryan Grant's Progress

Ryan Grant is not particularly fast. He's not flashy. He just gets to the sticks with a smooth route and catches the ball. You know who else did that?

Yeah, that's right.