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Cowboys Rookie DE DeMarcus Lawrence Breaks Foot; Out 8-12 weeks

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The Cowboys traded up with the Redskins in this year's draft to get much needed help on their Defensive Line.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys were hurting on defense before offseason workouts even started, and it hasn't been getting any better for them.  They released DeMarcus Ware who was picked up by the Denver Broncos, and Jason Hatcher left to sign with the Washington Redskins.  Then the Sean Lee injury happened, and that loss alone could have been enough to derail their defense.  Now they have lost one of their newest players on defense, and one that they gave up a high draft pick to acquire this year.

The Cowboys traded up to the #34 spot held by the Redskins, and gave up their 3rd round pick(#78 overall) which the Redskins used to select G Spencer Long.  The Redskins used the Cowboys original pick(#47 overall) to select OLB Trent Murphy.  Everyone, including the Cowboys, will tell you that they overpaid in draft value to make the move to get Lawrence.

DeMarcus Lawrence was carted off the field during practice yesterday after being tossed to the ground by Left Tackle Tyron Smith.  It initially appeared to be an ankle or foot sprain, but now reports say that Lawrence has a broken foot which will require surgery.  He is expected to miss 8-12 weeks, and likely to miss at least the first few weeks of the season.  The Cowboys don't play the Redskins until October 27th, Week 8 of the season, so Lawrence should return to the lineup for this game, but he will be losing a lot of time.  The Cowboys are only in the 5th day of training camp, and the loss of any time for a rookie can seriously stunt their development.  Another tough break for the Dallas Cowboys and their defense this year.

Here is the play where Lawrence got injured.