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Barry Cofield Redskins Training Camp Day 3 Presser

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NT Barry Cofield answers a few questions from the media following the third day of practice.

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Jason Hatcher:

Turmoil from last year compared to this year:

This year's camp:

Coming back from surgery:

Coach Gruden:

Where he ranks in the league:

London Fletcher:

Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett:

"I think [Haslett is] more in command. I think he has more confidence," nose tackle Barry Cofield said. "He feels good about it being his defense to run. He brought us some new coaches that have bought in, and Haz has learned from those guys, and new players that have fit right in with us. It's a whole new defense. Even though it's the same [defensive] coordinator, it's a whole new defense, a whole new feel and it's gonna be a whole new product."
Cofield demurred when asked if Haslett was micromanaged too much under Shanahan. But he did admit that he sees new coach Jay Gruden "giving [Haslett] the reigns".