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Jay Gruden Training Camp Day 1 Presser

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Jay Gruden spoke to reporters after the first day of training camp practices concluded.

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Weather Conditions:

DeAngelo Hall:

Andre Roberts:

Redskins rookies:

"Eh, I thought they did okay," Gruden said. "We had a few mental [errors] here and there, but that's to be expected Day 1. It wasn't as crisp as I would've liked - the tempo and all that stuff. But overall, if you're watching the tape - initially, I felt that while watching it out here, I was a little disappointed in the whole thing - but going back and watching it on tape, there were some good things that everybody did."

"There obviously were some things we needed to improve on, but I'll say that after every practice," Gruden said. "But the rookies did a fine job with the reps they had. We've just got to continue to harp that some of these guys aren't going to get many reps, and when they do get reps they need to take advantage of it. That's what they have to do in order to catch our eye and make this football team."

The Running Game:

Robert Griffin III:

Trent Murphy:

DeSean Jackson: