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The Sloppy Seconds 7-23-2014

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Hogs Haven takes a look at the biggest stories around the NFL.

Rob Carr

Ray Rice suspended for two games- ESPN

As a quick comparison, Terrelle Pryor was suspended for 5 games for his involvement in the Ohio State improper benefits incident. Glad to know that the NFL has its priorities in the right place.

Roddy White agrees to extension- SBNation

This might lock up White as a life-long Falcon. The 32 year old was injured for most of last year, but is a key component if the Falcons want to revive their explosive offense.

Jamaal Charles ends holdout after hefty pay raise- Yahoo

Charles should be making around $18 million over his two year extension.

Jordy Nelson wants $10 million per year- ESPN

Nelson is a pretty good player, but I can't help but feel as if most receivers could put up his numbers if they caught the ball from Aaron Rodgers.

Justin Blackmon arrested for marijuana- Yahoo

Between him and Josh Gordon, two amazing hideouts will be spending the season off the field due to their poor decision making.