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The Road to Richmond: Washington Redskins Training Camp Begins Today

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The Redskins kick off training camp today in Richmond.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I am hopping in the Hogs Haven mobile and heading to Richmond for the afternoon and evening. I wanted to remind those who will be in the Richmond area to join Hogs Haven at Gus' on Broad Street. I will be milling around the afternoon practice, but will look to see folks at Gus' by around 6-6:30.

Let's kick off our series of "Three Things On My Mind" that will be done by all the authors during training camp on Hogs Haven. Nothing too meaty...just conversation starters mostly. You know...because we need stuff to talk about.

#1 Keenan Robinson

As much hype and press that will be focused on our offense, this needs to be the Summer of Keenan. His breakout season in the NFL starts today. He has to show it on the field and earn that starting job, but it says here that Keenan Robinson will do just that. I've been telling everyone for the past four months that Robinson is the reason to have some faith in this defense in 2014. Stay healthy, Keenan!

#2 Ryan Clark

I am staying on defense, but I am hoping that Ryan Clark's presence extends to both sides of the ball. I know he is old, and I know the odds are long that he will give us a Pro Bowl-caliber season, but his experience and leadership are good things to add when you are forced to subtract a London Fletcher. He could play a key role in not just patching this defense together for one season, but setting it up for success for multiple seasons if he can stabilize and mentor our young players.

#3 Spencer Long

I wasn't going to not hit the offensive line. The truth is I have no idea if Spencer Long is going to shock us all and win a starting job, but if he has a great camp, our offensive line has a chance to have a very good season. Our eyes will be on other players along the offensive line, but Long is one of those players who was knocked a little in the draft because of an injury sustained in college. If he is fully healthy and ready, Spencer Long may very well be good enough to play waaaaaaaay sooner than we should have a right to believe.