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Jay Gruden Speaks to Reporters at Redskins Training Camp

New HC Jay Gruden will be addressing the media today at 4PM.

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PUP List:

Robert Griffin III:

"From a health standpoint, we feel good about where he is there. Obviously, he's in great shape. ... Physical condition is not an issue," Gruden said on the eve of his first practice. "Mental condition, we feel is excellent. [Offensive coordinator] Sean [McVay] has done an excellent job with him. Above-the-neck plays, he's doing a great job - command of the game, in the huddle, his audibles and the running game have been excellent. He's in his third year, and he's still going to make mistakes here and there. But the key for him is to learn from his mistakes and not make the same ones over and over, and just continue to get better every day."

Gruden continued, "He knows the tempo, he knows what has to go into making him a great quarterback. He has a long way to go, and he understands that. It's physical and mental preparation. He's got a great understanding and great feel for that as a young guy."

"Repetition. Reps, reps, reps," the coach explained. "You can never have too many reps. You can run the same play 10 different times and might get 10 different defenses. The more you see that play against different defenses, the more you see the blitzes and what you need to handle as the quarterback, stepping up in the pocket, his fundamentals, his footwork. It's very difficult to miss an entire training camp and preseason then come in Week 1 and say, ‘Here's the ball. Go play.' It's very difficult. So all quarterbacks need the reps. All quarterbacks want the reps."

"I could sit here and talk for 35, 40 minutes talking about what he needs to work on. I could do the same for Tom Brady," he said. "That's just the position. Every position on the field requires training both mentally and physically and that's not going to change. As long as you're an active football player, someone's out for your job, you're getting older and you have to maintain your level of competitiveness."

"Happiness comes with wins. Nobody's going to be happy if we're 2-14. Our whole goal is to make sure we make him as comfortable as possible with this system, and when he's out there on Sundays he's comfortable and feels good about the direction we're going offensively. And if we can make him feel comfortable, put him in a place where he can succeed, I feel like we'll have a much better chance for this franchise to be successful." - Gruden, on his relationship with Robert Griffin III, and whether the two are happy with each other"

Gruden's First Training Camp as Head Coach:

Richard Crawford and Tracy Porter:

Player's Attitudes:

Joint Practices with the Patriots:

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