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DeSean Jackson and DeAngelo Hall Sessions

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The former rivals watch film together for NFL Network

New Redskins WR DeSean Jackson and veteran Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall sat down for an episode of's The Sessions to watch film of their rivalry and some of their best plays over the years.  The feature usually pairs rivals from opposing teams to dissect plays, and give insight into what they were thinking while facing each other.  This episode paired up the former rivals who will both be wearing the Burgundy and Gold.

Some of the highlight's were transcribed by the Washington Post's Scott Allen.  Here they reminisce about a game that most Redskins fans want to forget, the Monday Night Massacre at FedEx Field in 2010.

"See, I can remember this play," Hall says of Jackson's 88-yard touchdown on the first play from scrimmage in Philadelphia's 59-28 beatdown of the Redskins in November 2010. "I'm supposed to reroute you a little harder. I'm supposed to jam you, put my hands on you, slow you up. But, we talked about that shiftiness. You kind of left me. My safety [LaRon Landry] doesn't stay inside, he kinda leans outside."

"See what I did," Jackson says, pointing at the screen. "I widened him back out like I was going to go to a go. So while he went in, by the time he turned his head around, Vick already threw it up."

Some other highlights were the pair looking at DeAngelo Hall's interception against the Denver Broncos last season where he stripped the ball out of Demaryius Thomas' hands.


One of Hall's 4 interceptions vs the Bears in 2010.  Jay Cutler had this to say after that performance:

"I've played against him before. There's no reason to shy away from him," he said (via theWashington Post). "I mean, that's hard for me to say, throwing four picks at a guy, but I'd still, if we had to play them tomorrow, I'd go at him every time, if we could."


DeSean Jackson scoring a TD Week 1 last year with Hall covering:


The backwards pass that DeAngelo Hall returned for a TD on the first drive in the same game:


The Miracle at the New Meadowlands punt return for a TD that DeSean Jackson says is the reason all those Giants fans hate him so much:


And also the play where Hall got a horsecollar penalty and Jackson retaliated afterwards.

"What's this - the one where you beat me up?" Hall jokes as a replay of the incident starts.

"No, that's the one where you almost broke my knee, man" Jackson says. "...We're about to fight each other, show the whole world what two little dudes can do out here on this field."

"It is nothing but love, though, man," Hall says as the screen shows the former rivals jarring at each other.



DeSean Jackson has a long history of showing up against division rivals, and he's been especially effective against the Redskins over the years.  DeAngelo Hall was very eager to recruit him to the Redskins, and while watching the clips said he was very glad he's a Redskin now.