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Fred Davis is a Wanted Man

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Another day in the strange saga of Fred Davis

Fred Davis is continuing to have one of the worst years of his life, and once again finds himself in trouble with the law.  Davis was suspended indefinitely in February for violating the NFL's PED policy by allegedly taking a substance that was on the NFL's banned list.  The next day Davis was charged with a DUI when he was reportedly asleep at the wheel at an intersection.  Davis was able to get that case dismissed by actually hiring an attorney not named Fred Davis.

Reports have come out today that Davis is wanted by DC Police in connection with a domestic/simple assault that happened on June 2nd at 3 am.  Davis played at the NFL vs Wounded Warriors charity softball game along with several Redskins that same day.  We'll keep you posted if any new information is released.

[UPDATE #1: 7/23/14 3:50PM] New details on the incident.

D.C. police said the June 2 assault occurred about 3 a.m. at The Diner, a 24-hour restaurant in the 2400 block of 18th St. NW. They have been unable to locate the ex-player.

A police report says the victim, Davis' 28-year-old ex-girlfriend, was eating with a man in the restaurant when Davis came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulder. The woman told police that he forcefully spun her around and told the man, "Why are you with her ..."

The woman walked outside. Davis followed, "grabbed a handful of dirt and flowers from the hanging plant box and threw them at her," the report says. The woman told police she retreated into the restaurant and tried to grab a plastic condiment bottle to squirt at Davis, but was stopped by a bystander.

[UPDATE #2: 7/23/14 4:45PM] Davis' police report is...interesting

[UPDATE #3: 7/24/14 2:30PM] Fred Davis has reportedly turned himself in.

@SegravesNBC4: Sources: former @Redskins Fred Davis has turned himself in after being charged with domestic violence.