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Saturday Slop: July 19th

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A look at the top Redskins stories from around the web.

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Redskins Positional Overview: Quarterback |

A look at where the Redskins stand at Quarterback as they head into Training Camp.

Washington Redskins Projected Roster | ESPN Redskins Blog

Jay Gruden only had two quarterbacks in each of his three seasons with Cincinnati, but Griffin still needs to prove his durability. If something happened to him, they woulld still be in good shape with Cousins and McCoy. If they go with two then McCoy gets left off.

Redskins Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

He and the Redskins have been mum on this. I know there was talk when he was released about possibly getting another tryout in June. That did not happen, at least not to my knowledge. I also know he still has fans in the organization and the feeling among some is that if anyone can make it back from this it's Carriker. I do know he's healthy and has been cleared. He feels good about where his speed is at to go with that power. I think the best I can say is: stay tuned.

Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

One more mailbag before training camp opens when we'll finally get answers to the six months of questions. Anyway, in this mini-installment, the topics include Jay Gruden in comparison to other first-year coaches; the different receiver positions; Aldrick Robinson and more Enjoy.

Need to Know: NFL Preseasons Predictions Frequently Wrong | Real Redskins

30 Questions: Will Morris gain over 1,200 yards this season? | CSN Washington

Alfred Morris followed up his smashing rookie debut season with a good but not great 2013. He took the NFL by storm in 2012, setting the Redskins team record with 1,613 rushing yards and scoring 13 touchdowns. It's fair to say that he had a sophomore slump as his rushing total slid to 1,275 yards and seven touchdowns. That's still a solid season but where does Morris go from here?