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The NFL Draft is moving to a new city; the league may have a team in Europe soon; Underclassmen may have some new rules to face; and the league has introduced the new refs and rules.

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A look at the top NFL stories around the league.

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Sloppy Seconds, your afternoon/evening update on all of the news around the NFL.

The NFL Draft will be held in LA or Chicago in 2015 -

Don't worry New Yorkers, I'm sure you can find something to do for fun that weekend.

The NFL sees "tremendous demand" in Europe -

Goodell believes they could have an NFL franchise there in five years.  Hey LA, you might still get the draft!

Changes could be coming for underclassmen looking to enter the NFL Draft -

Don't book those tickets for LA just yet, you underclassmen.....

The league has introduced new referees and rule updates -

Get to know the new guys you'll love to hate!