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Graham signs; Orakpo doesn't get long-term deal; Kluwe sues Vikings; and more!

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Hog's Haven takes a look at the biggest stories from around the league.

Hello! and  welcome to this Tuesday edition of The Sloppy Seconds, where Hogs Haven takes a look at the biggest stories around the league.

Jimmy Graham reaches 4-year deal - ESPN

Jimmy Graham reaches a four year deal to become the highest paid "Tight End" (Wide Receiver) in the game, well deserved I might add.

Lawyer: Chris Kluwe to sue Vikings - ESPN

This one could get ugly fast...

Brown's owner's company to pay 92 million in fines - ESPN

Looks like Jimmy Haslam can mess up more than a football team.

Brian Orakpo extension unlikely - ESPN

I'm actually a fan of this, Orakpo could use a "Prove It" year, and I hope he does.

How much will Stephen Bowen contribute to Redskins? - CSN

The CSN crew debates.