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Washington Redskins 2014 Player Profile: Spencer Long, Guard

Examining Spencer Long, how he fits with the Redskins, and when you can expect him to make an impact for Washington.

Eric Francis

Spencer Long


University of Nebraska

Draft Position: Round 3, 78th overall

Twitter Handle: slong_61

2014 Outlook:

It's no secret that the Washington Redskins offensive line not named Trent Williams was downright terrible in 2013. With RG3, Alfred Morris, and an extremely improved receiving corps, the offensive line will still be the weak point of a very talented offense for the Skins in 2014. The question is, will the line improve in 2014? New head coach Jay Gruden began bulking up an offensive line that was undersized and pushed around far too often in 2013 by drafting two mammoth lineman including Long.

However, Long will have a chance to make an impact and contribute immediately, something the higher profile Morgan Moses will likely not have. The Redskins' coaching staff really liked Long heading into the draft, and he has done nothing but impress since coming to Washington, showing no signs of any lingering effects of the knee surgery that cut his senior season short. Long is a good fit for the Redskins offense, he has the size and power to be a physical force and the athletic ability to get to the next level in the running game. Long's knee injury was the cause of his draft fall, and early indications suggest that the Redskins may have gotten a steal in Long.

Roster Bubble: Options: Makes Roster

Spencer Long will make the roster, the question is when will he be ready to contribute for the Redskins? Long has a lot going for him. First of all, he is younger, bigger, and more athletic than 2013's starting right guard Chris Chester. The fact that Chris Chester is coming off a poor season in 2013, and carries a high cap number ($4.3 million, can save $2.7 million if cut) will also work in Long's favor. Because of Chester's age, performance, and cap number, Long can show the Redskins that if he is even comparable to Chester, the Redskins may opt to cut him to gain some cap room. Long and Chester will battle throughout training camp for the starting guard position, I've got Long coming out on top, the question is when? I'll make a "Bold" prediction and say that Spencer Long will be the starting right guard week one versus Houston.

Personal Information: