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Building a Franchise - Quarterback

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to be doing a series leading up to training camp called "Building a Franchise" where I will be comparing some of the Redskins stronger position players, with others at the same position around the league, and taking a fan vote of which player you would prefer to start your franchise with.

Level of play, measurables and age will be taken into consideration when selecting these players. Although Peyton Manning is great, he may not show up on my quarterback list due to age - get it? I'm looking at building a championship team that has talent and longevity, therefore, some very prominent vets may be left off my lists.

Today, in the first installment, I'll look at the quarterback position.

Robert Griffin III - When healthy, Griffin may be the most dynamic playmaker in the entire league regardless of position. He showed this to be true during his brilliant rookie season, where he torched opposing defenses thought the air and on the ground in route to being named NFL rookie of the year. All coaches desire offensive skill players who will give defensive coordinators nightmares, and a healthy Griffin does just that.

Andrew Luck - Luck made the jump to semi-elite status in just his second year in the league. He may be just a notch below Manning, Brady, Brees and Rodgers, but he's nipping at their heels.

Russell Wilson - He may not have the measurables of Griffin and Luck, but he has one thing they don't - a Super Bowl ring. Some say Wilson is the beneficiary of a great team, with a dominate defense, and question his ability to put his team on his back and bring them from behind, but I've seen enough of the kids play to feel very confident adding him to this discussion.

Matt Ryan - He's a bit more seasoned, but still in his prime. When he has the offensive line help, he is deadly in the pocket. Ryan is a leader both in the locker room and on the field.

Matt Stafford - Stafford may be blessed with the best arm in the NFL. Injury and inconsistency from those around him have kept him from making the jump to elite status, but he's young, talented, and his best years are clearly ahead of him.

Andy Dalton - Dalton does not have the intangibles of some of the guys on this list, but he's intelligent, accurate and a great leader. He's young, and just entering his prime, so he should be one of the top NFL quarterbacks for years to come.