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Where to Watch - Live, Bar or Home?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We've had some recent discussions on beer prices and parking situations at stadiums, and the cost of the NFL Sunday Ticket, so why not have a post regarding the fans favorite places to watch a game and why.


Pros - obviously, there is nothing quite like being at the stadium to see your favorite team in action. The crowd, the atmosphere, the band(more for college football, unless you are at FedEx), the cheerleaders, and a ball park hot dog and beer can't be beat. Fights in the stands are always interesting too. And then there is the best part............tailgating! Oh, I forgot to mention, since TV cameras no longer show fans running onto the field, if you're lucky enough to be at the event, you just may get to witness one of the best runs you'll see all game, when the drunk guy, or if you're really lucky, naked drunk girl, tries to elude security.

Cons - getting to the venue can be a major hassle with traffic. Once you are there, parking is usually a nightmare. Seat selection can be both a positive and negative, depending on those seated around you. The price of food is exorbitant, and the bathroom lines make you want to bring a large-mouth bottle to use at your seat. If you are not a drinker, you may be annoyed at the drunks seated around you, and those who frequent the tailgate lots screaming obscenities towards your team. Then, once all the fun and festivities are over, you have the daunting task of getting out of the parking lot, and back home. For those who do not live in the area, travel could be difficult, and expensive.


Pros - bars can be a great place to watch the game with a group of friends. Usually there are multiple TV's showing games on Sunday afternoons, and food and drink specials are enticing. You get to mix it up with fans from many different teams, all hovering around their TV, waiting to let loose at the sign of a big play. You can proudly sport your newest gear, and feel right at home amongst a sea of other fans supporting their team. It's also a great place to hang out before or after your teams games, or during a bye week, when you're looking to get out of the house and away from the yard work your wife has been pushing you to do.

Cons - it's very easy to drop $50-60 bucks at a bar during a 3 hour game. If you get drunk enough, and start buying shots for the table, that total could rise. There are always assholes at the bar, who are looking to start trouble, and a friendly team rivalry can quickly escalate to a war of words, or even punches. Then, you must worry about getting home, unless you were as fortunate as Hunter once was to live above your favorite watering hole.


Pros - If you are like me, you may take your team's game very seriously. I have a pre-game ritual I go through, and if I attempted to do this at a bar, I'd be taken out back, and stoned. At my house, the food is plenty, the beer is free, and the seats are perfect. You can invite friends over, or go to another friends house. Those who come usually bring a snack or beverage, so you're not footing the entire bill. There is never a line at the bathroom, and best of all, YOU get to choose your company. Finally, the evening usually ends with a friendly card game in the man-cave.

Cons - the atmosphere is really not one that is going to generate a ton of excitement. If you don't have the Sunday Ticket, you are at the mercy of local programming. Finally, if you have younger kids, they may decide to annoy you during the most intense time in the game. Oh, forgot to mention; there is always that one annoying guy, usually a friend of the wife's/girlfriends husband or boyfriend, that you just can't stand to be around. This person usually is just there for the social aspect, and could care less about the game. They may even try to chat you up about business, politics or religion during the game.......a big No-No!

So, what is your favorite venue to watch football, or any sport for that matter?