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Sloppy Seconds 7-10-2014

A look at the top NFL stories around the league.

Patrick McDermott

Welcome to the Sloppy Seconds, Hogs Haven afternoon roundup of interesting stories around the league.

Josh Morgan has charge dismissed- ESPN Chicago

Morgan had an assault charge stemming from an altercation in a nightclub brawl, but will only have to do some community service.

Patriots to turn over 317 pages of reports on Hernandez to his lawyers- Yahoo

Apparently the Patriots are balking at having to release pre-draft scouting reports about the defendant. I know they are notoriously tight-lipped, but this seems extreme even for them.

Four teams interested in Andre Johnson- CBS Sports

You mean signing Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't assuage Johnson's worries about the future?

Michael Irvin: Cris Carter wrong about Josh Gordon, like he was with my wife- Yahoo

Sounds like there is some bad blood between the Hall of Fame receivers.