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Washington Redskins 2014 Player Profile: Gabe Miller, Outside Linebacker

He's not a rookie, but he is a long-shot.

Jamie Squire

Gabe Miller

Outside Linebacker

Oregon State

Round 5, Pick 140 (2011 NFL Draft)

Twitter: @GMILLI99

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 257 lbs

2014 Outlook:

Let's not kid ourselves, Miller has very little chance of making the team this year.  He's very likely in town for training camp and that'll be about all.  Never say never, but he's got his work cut out for him.  Odds are the Redskins will keep four or five OLB's on the roster this season and Miller finds himself competing with Rob Jackson, Ryan Kerrigan, Brian Orakpo, Adrian Robinson, Brandon Jenkins, and Trent Murphy.  You have to figure that Kerrigan, Orakpo, and Murphy are all locks with Jackson and Jenkins competing for the last one or two spots.  I suppose he could compete with Jackson and Jenkins, but he'll have to have one very impressive camp/preseason to surpass either of those two guys.

Obviously, Miller's abilities at OLB alone won't be enough.  If he's to have any chance, he'll really have to show out on Special Teams.  LB's traditionally are primary pieces when it comes to ST's units, so Miller plays the right position to be able to have an impact in this area.  He needs to soak up every single thing Brian Baker tells him and basically stay in front of Ben Kotwica every day.

While I don't see Miller making the Redskins squad, that's not to say he won't be in the league this year.  He's played for the Chiefs, Seahawks, and Bears before coming to Washington and has been in the league for three years now.  He has some staying power.  With his experience, he'll be a good player to have in camp and should be able to contribute throughout camp and in preseason games.

Roster Prediction: Training Camp Player

Miller is an OLB that's converted from playing both DE and TE in college.  He has some versatility and experience.  Hopefully he can show some things on Special Teams.  I think he's an ideal training camp player and adds depth to the OLB position, preventing anyone from getting too worn out there during camp.  He's been in the league for three years and I suspect he may find a way to stay in the league, I just seriously doubt it's with the Redskins.  Best of luck to the guy, though.

Personal Information:

Born in Colorado and raised in Oregon, Gabe was a DE in college and drafted by the Chiefs in the fifth round of the 2011 draft.  They immediately converted him to OLB.  He's also played DE and TE in both college and the pros, so he's a bit of Swiss Army Knife when it comes to football.  OLB, DE, TE, ST's player, basically, he's just a football player.  While with the Bears last year (as a TE), Gabe was suspended the first four games of the season for taking substances without medical exemption.  No one knows exactly what substance he took as that information isn't released by the NFL.  You can read about the whole incident here.  Gabe was signed to the Redskins via a futures deal back in December of last year, so he's been able to participate in all of the Redskins offseason programs/activites.  I don't know the man, but it seems like he likes the Portland Trailblazers and America.