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Browns Reject Hard Knocks; Irsay's Punishment; and Johnny Baseball?

A look at the top NFL stories around the league.


Hey everybody! Welcome to the Sloppy Seconds, your afternoon update on NFL news.

Johnny Manziel drafted by San Diego Padres- NFL

MLB's San Diego Padres making some headlines by taking Manziel in 28th round of one of baseballs 18 different drafts.

NFL doppelgangers for World Cup teams- Yahoo

"Washington Redskins- South Korea

South Korea panicked a bit and fired its coach in 2011 to try and make the World Cup. There's little continuity to the squad coming into the World Cup, as a surprisingly high 45 players were used in qualifying. The South Koreans are basically Daniel Snyder and a controversial nickname from being Washington's doppelgangers."

Browns turn down Hard Knocks- NFL

Cleveland is already going to be a circus after drafting Manziel, looks like they don't want the extra attention Hard Knocks brings. New rules allow for the NFL to force several teams to bring in the HBO crew. Heres my vote for four weeks of Jay Cutler pouting.

Irsay's penalty should be draft picks- ESPN

Opinion piece on the difference between how the league has addressed actions be players and owners.

Worry About Johnny Manziel's Weight, Not His Height- FiveThirtyEight

FiveThirtyEight makes the case that a QB's weight tells us more about his impact professionally than his height. As someone who enjoyed Manziel's Snidely Whiplash-esque antiques, I hope this doesn't turn out to be true.