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Saturday Slop: 6/7

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Assessing the Redskins Fantasy Value | ESPN Redskins Blog

My take: Garcon, not DeSean Jackson, will be the primary receiving target this season. No one has said that to me because until we get closer to the season - and probably into the season - no one really knows how things will unfold. But Garcon is a sturdier player, capable of running a greater variety of routes. Jackson caught 82 passes last season, but his previous high was 62. He can be dangerous to defend even when grabbing around 60 passes. In fact, it wouldn't stun me at all to see Jackson as the third leading receiver in terms of total catches behind Garcon and tight end Jordan Reed. Durability plays into this as well (though Jackson has missed fewer games than Garcon in his career; both have played six seasons).

Jay Gruden on Moss "He's going to help" | ESPN Redskins Blog

"He's fun to be around, he's fun to watch, he knows every position," Gruden said. "He looks like a young kid. He's got energy, he's a great leader. If he drops a pass he holds himself accountable. If the quarterback misses him he's like, ‘Let's get onto the next one, man.' He's a great guy to have for these young guys to learn from. He's working out hard. He's the first one out there today again. I like having guys like that, veteran guys who are great examples for rookies and also can help you win in big games."

Redskins mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Washington Redskins' special teams were a disaster (in case you had forgotten) last season. What is different? That is one question I answer in the Friday mailbag, along with ones about coaching linebackers, Trent Murphy, and who I would rather hang out with and talk football: Johnn Manziel or Matthew McConaughey? Yes, that was a question. Enjoy

Jay Gruden: Doug Williams will continue to help RGIII mature | Washing Post Redskins Blog

Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen added Williams - who led Washington to victory in Super Bowl XXII, earning MVP honors, and had worked with Allen in Tampa Bay - to the front office, giving him the title of personnel executive. Williams' duties include assisting with talent evaluation, but Gruden said he also sees the former quarterback developing into a mentor for Griffin.

Jackson's OTA return questionable | CSN Washington

Need to Know: 5 depth chart hot spots | Real Redskins

You always have to be careful when players give you an optimistic prognosis on their own serious injuries. Late last year, Richard Crawford was telling everyone who was listening that his knee, which he injured during the preseasons last year, was doing great. But he has been off to the side during OTAs, not looking like someone who will be ready for the July 24 start of camp. If he starts the season on the PUP list (note that we are a long way from that happening) that will affect the depth chart at both cornerback and punt returner.

Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings 11-20 |