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Who Comprises the Redskins' "Big Three" in 2014?

With the NBA Finals starting up, it's time to pick the Washington Redskins' "Big Three."

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Finals start tonight, and it has me thinking: Which three players on the Washington roster (ones that we can all agree are likely to both start and star for the team this season) would you call the "Big Three?"

In all fairness, the "Big Three" in basketball is a different animal, as it represents 60% of a team's starting lineup. If we went that route with an NFL team, that would mean we would pick 13 of the 22 starters...seems a bit much.

In the interest of creating the most debate, let's try and pick three guys. The manner in which you determine what kind of player belongs in an NFL "Big Three" will be an interesting choice. One thing is for certain: one spot opened up when London Fletcher retired. Do you feel the need to replace him with a veteran that has the experience and wisdom he had? Is that Ryan Clark? Is that Barry Cofield? Are there any positions that automatically dictate a guy's inclusion? I assume that Robert Griffin III will be sitting in the majority of trios. I am putting him in mine.

Is it just straight production? If so, does that mean Alfred Morris and Pierre Garcon have to round it out? Does a "Big Three" imply offensive fireworks or are you going to find a way to include a defensive guy? I can think of NBA iterations where there was not an incredible amount of defense involved (Gilbert, Caron and Antawn come to mind).

If you are thinking about being the first to comment that this is a dumb exercise because you can't equate an NBA "Big Three" to an NFL "Big Three," consider yourself beaten to the me. Of course it's a dumb exercise. In case you haven't already figured it's kind of what we do.

My "Big Three" in 2014:

Robert Griffin III

Alfred Morris

Brian Orakpo

I could not go offense all the way there because I really do think Orakpo is a leader on this team and now that Fletcher is gone, he will have to step up in a major way. I sense that his inclusion will make people rather upset, but I also like the symmetry with this group. They were all drafted by the Redskins. They are each extremely important to our chances of winning games as well as contending for any kind of title. I think a "Big Three" DOES imply production, and these three are in the positions that some of the most important production comes from on a team. Passing, running and quarterback pressure are the three things that I prioritized over everything else.

Pierre Garcon, Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan and even Ryan Clark were guys I considered. I was a little shocked that DeAngelo Hall would not have finished higher on my list, or even the aforementioned veteran Barry Cofield. If we are to have any chance to win in 2014, those two guys will have to play at a high level and be leaders. Yet neither of them struck me as the kinds of players you would lump into a "Big Three."

I did not consider DeSean Jackson at all, if you were wondering that. I just don't think he factors into a role on this team that has him as some central, integral figure.

Have at it!