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Washington Redskins 2014 Player Profile: Tom Compton, Offensive Tackle

How will Tom Compton fare in 2014?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Compton

Offensive Tackle

South Dakota

Round 6, Pick 193 (2012 NFL Draft)

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 308 lbs

2014 Outlook

Tom Compton is entering a critical time in his career.  Coming into his third season at age 25, he's reached contributing time.  He's had a couple years to learn and develop and this season is when he should start to put it together.  After being drafted in the sixth round in 2012, there weren't a whole lot of expectations for Compton as a rookie as he found himself on the Practice Squad.  Thanks to Cedric Griffin being suspended, Compton made his way on to the 53-man roster though he never got the chance to contribute.

Compton took a solid step in his progression last year making the roster and actually being active for 15 games as the team's primary reserve swing Tackle.  Being the only back-up for both TW and Polumbus as a 24-year-old in his second season after being drafted in the sixth round indicates one of two things: either Compton was developing nicely or our offensive line was very weak last year.  Maybe both...  He has all of TC and preseason this year to prove his development.

He's got good size for an OT and has shown to play quite aggressive from what we've been able to see of him.  I predict he'll make the roster again this year in his same role as last year, reserve swing Tackle.  He's had a good amount of practice time at both OT positions and has a year of experience under his belt in the role.  Making the roster this year would be a success for Compton, though he'd be unlikely to really contribute in a regular season game barring injury.

Roster Prediction: On the Bubble

Compton is definitely on the bubble this offseason.  As I've already stated, I think he'll make the team as a back-up, but if he became the starter at RT or if he were cut, I don't think either outcome would be all that surprising to most fans who've been paying attention.  He figures to be involved in some stiff competition at RT with Morgan Moses and the incumbent Tyler Polumbus.  Some even think Mike McGlynn could play a little OT.

Trent Williams is starting at LT, but RT is up for grabs.  A lot depends on how the third-round rookie Morgan Moses progresses before week one.  If he can show enough, I believe he'll start.  Polumbus isn't great but could start if Moses isn't ready and has been starting for a couple years now at RT.  If he's beat out as the starter, I don't see him making the team as he'd be a fairly expensive back-up and Compton has more upside and potential at this point.  No matter how it goes down, the RT battle will be an interesting one to watch in camp.

Personal Information

Tom is from Rosemount, Montana and Sports Illustrated projected him as a fourth round pick before the draft.  Here's an interesting article by Roman Stubbs for The Insider at The Washington Post about Tom gaining more and more responsibility during last year's TC/preseason.