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DeSean Jackson Talks About RGIII, Eagles, and His Brief Free Agency

Jackson discusses his emotional ex-girlfriend and other things.

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DeSean Jackson was interviewed by Dan Hellie and Willie McGinest last night on NFL Total Access.  He discussed how RGIII looks in practice, the reasons he chose to stay in the NFC East with Washington, and of course playing his old team, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Jackson mentions a few other offers to stay home in California(rumored interest from Oakland and San Fran).  The Redskins play the Eagles in Week 3 this year, and it is guaranteed to be a heated game.  Will DJax be able to make his former team pay, or do the Eagles know exactly how to stop his game.  Will the extra focus on Jackson allow other Redskins weapons like Pierre Garcon, Andre Roberts, Jordan Reed, and Alfred Morris to have big games vs the Eagles and every other team this year?

Jackson talked about Griffin's health compared to last season, and his leadership.

"Well, I think he takes responsibility, he takes leadership," Jackson said. "He’s one of them guys that’s here early and leaves late. And at the same time he knows what he’s doing; he’s very smart, very intelligent, and I see a lot of characteristics in him that I saw in Michael Vick and McNabb, and things like that. To be [that] caliber at a young age, you know, going on his third year, he’s one of them guys that’s out there encouraging everybody to do things the right way and holding everybody accountable at the same time. … From what it looks like to me, he’s out there doing everything, he’s not limping, he’s not favoring that knee, so that’s a great thing. He’s not out there running around with a knee brace, things like that, so in my eyes, he’s in top shape right now."

DeSean said he was going to "turn it up" when he plays the Eagles twice this season.

"Regardless if it is versus the Eagles in Week 3, that is highlighted, that is circled on the calendar," Jackson said. "But any time I go on the field, any game I ever play in the NFL ... any time I strap it up and play, I'm ready to turn on versus anybody. But that game will be highlighted and I can't wait to get it on versus whoever we play against. But for sure, that game you already know I'm ready to turn it up."

"Oh yeah, definitely," Jackson said. "I think about that every time I step on the field, especially with the legacy I have in Philadelphia and the things I’ve done for that organization. I left back a lot there, but I have to take it to D.C. now where we’re out here in Washington and I think there are some great players in addition to myself with Pierre, Santana, J-Reed, Alfred Morris, so the list continues. Here we have a group of guys that’s young, that’s energized, and that wants to win. And two years ago they won our division, so they’re familiar with that, but when that game comes, all I’m going to say is I’m going to do my thing and I’m going to put up what I need to put up. So I ain’t going to give nobody no extra things to talk about, but you know I’m going to do what I need to do."

The Dinnerupters were not mentioned by name...

"That’s a good question," Jackson said. "Honestly, man, I had a couple offers to stay home in California and do things like that with a couple teams out there, but there was something genuine about when I came to Washington. It was one of my first trips I took. Jay Gruden, Ike Hilliard, Bruce Allen, Dan Snyder, they made me feel welcome."