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Hogs Haven Offseason Programming

Taking the temperature of the Hogs Haven community before training camp.

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Join me in wishing our very own HogHunter a much-deserved Happy Birthday! That dude makes all of our lives more Redskins-enriched, and Hogs Haven is certainly better off with him helping lead the way.

I try to limit these kinds of posts to once per month or even once every other month. I just wanted to check in and get some feedback from everybody on the content here at Hogs Haven. We have been trying a number of different ideas--some of which were proposed by readers when I did this a few months back.

We have been working our butts off this spring to keep fresh material going--and it is not as easy as you may think, but we do love it.

I know that not everyone gets as jazzed up about Draft Profiles as Sean or I...or Marc. (Marc freaking loves them.) We do them for a variety of reasons. First, if we stopped doing them, we would have to have 24-hour surveillance on Marc's house. Frankly, nobody knows what he would do if we ceased creating the profiles. Secondly, they really are informative pieces, and even when the player being profiled is a guy that none of us thinks will play in the NFL, much less for the Redskins, the comments section ends up turning up tidbits and nuggets that actually matter to us all. Finally, if and when the Redskins draft someone that we profiled, it is awesome to post up that profile during the draft. It is cool to see what we may or may not have said about the guy, and even more cool to see how NOBODY thought we were going to draft him...except for that one guy.

The profiles team is now turning their profiling prowess on our own roster. Please join me in looking forward to 90 player profiles of guys who actually wear burgundy and gold (for now).

I was also finally able to get a new late-day feature going, aided and, in fact, led by Sean Patterson. Sloppy Seconds will be a second links post that will focus a little bit more on NFL-wide stories that went down during the day. I know that we have readers in many different time zones, so I am trying to structure some of our content around that somehow. I will keep trying, but this is a start.

Other than that, we will get into the usual buildup to training camp. You can all look forward to roster battle posts galore, along with all the news and notes that accompany the Redskins fan experience we have all come to love.

I took some risks this winter/spring with content, and some have paid off, while others...well, let's just say that some ideas weren't right for this site, and let the blame fall squarely on me.

I am excited about the Redskins Recon series, which will be picking back up here in a matter of days. I really love HogHunter's "Thick Skin'd" series, which serves as a great destination for our regulars who enjoy beating each other up in the comments section but can depart on the best of terms at the end of the day.

In fact, all the regular content from the guys you are used to reading (Hazard's Huddle is still awesome, and people are always going to wonder what Shoup and Tiller will argue about next) will keep on coming. (This post isn't meant to list all the stuff we do right now.)

I am mostly interested in hearing about stuff we aren't doing, or stuff we are doing that you think we could be doing better. One idea (suggested to me by Jim America) is to start a "Redskins Memories" series where people send in their top game, tailgate, player memories or whatever.

Please also indicate if you would listen to a podcast put out there by this crew. We have had fun doing it in the past, but I am also interested in your thoughts on that as well.

Have a good rest of the week everyone. Great job on that write-up over at the Post, UK!