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A look at the Redskins Defense; Bashaud Breeland's Physicality; Gruden on Tanard Jackson; and other stories around the NFL

A look at the top Redskins and other NFL stories around the league.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the "Sloppy Seconds," your afternoon update on all of the huge news around the NFL.

Best-case and worst-case scenarios for the Redskins’ 2014 draft picks

And in depth look at each draft picks possibilities for the upcoming season…and beyond!

Redskins' D adds versatility but needs more - ESPN

Gruden: You can't tell Tanard Jackson has been away – CSN

Well, that is really exciting to hear. Let’s hope our free safety troubles are over.

Buffalo Bills' Marcell Dareus charged with reckless driving –

Marcell Darius has been charged with reckless driving after an incident involving a drag race. Dareus also faces charges for possession of a controlled substance in Alabama from earlier in May.

Help can still be found for NFL teams on the free agent market - FOX Sports

The new NFL rules around compensatory selections have caused some teams wait to sign other free agents until after June 1st. But are there still some big impact free agents on the market?

Bashaud Breeland is learning when to play physical – ESPN

Breeland is preparing for the challenges of the NFL and when to play physical.

The June 1 Date and What It Means in the NFL –

Over The Cap examines the importance of June 1 on the NFL calendar. June 1 marks the day of "dead money" on the salary cap splitting over two seasons. Some NFL teams made out with some big savings

Kaepernick, 49ers to resume talks - ESPN

The San Francisco 49ers and quarterback Collin Kaepernick are resuming contract talks. Kapernick wants to be paid like a star quarterback in the NFL, and the 49ers have made room to fit in a new deal for him.

Arizona Cardinals sign linebacker and former Cowboy Ernie Sims

The former Cowboys linebacker is joining the Cardinals after Darryl Washingtons' suspension.

Dan Marino to withdraw from Concussion lawsuit - ESPN

Well, that was fast.

Jacksonville Jagsuars not planning to cut Justin Blackmon - ESPN