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Washington Redskins 2014 Player Profile: Colt McCoy, QB

The fight to maintain the best 3rd string QB in the NFL rages on.

Matt Sullivan

Name: Colt McCoy

Position: Quarterback

College: University of Texas

Draft Status: 3rd Round, 85th Pick Overall by Cleveland

Twitter: @ColtMcCoy

Career Stats:


Attempts: 703

Completions: 410

Percentage: 58.3

Yards: 4,401

TDs: 21

INTs: 20

Sacks: 59

2014 Outlook:

In 2012 and 2013, Colt McCoy was a backup QB for the Browns and the 49ers, respectively. McCoy should expect more of the same for the 2014 season. The Redskins have a franchise QB in Robert Griffin.  The biggest fight McCoy will have this year is to determine his place on the depth chart behind RG3. The Redskins coaching staff should be able to have a positive impact on him. Hopefully, Jay Gruden and company can help Colt reach the potential he showed in college.

Roster Prediction:

Colt will make the roster. He will battle for the 2nd string spot with Kirk Cousins. Trade rumors cropping up about Cousins only solidify McCoy's place on the final roster. He has experience as both a starter and a backup. The only way McCoy does NOT make the roster is death. He will also need to work on a nickname. RGIII, Sexy Rexy, and Gross Rexman are taken.

Personal Information:

Colt McCoy has faded into semi-obscurity after being knocked out of the BCS National Championship game against Alabama. His draft stock fell from a guaranteed first round pick to a third round choice for the Browns. He became the starting QB mid-way through the 2010 season. Colt started the entire 2011 season, but lost the job in 2012. He was traded at the end of the season to San Francisco. McCoy's record as a starter is 6-15.

Colt was signed to replace Rex Grossman on the Redskins roster. While neither quarterback has ever lit the NFL on fire, Rex had more experience in the league than Colt. He could be a mentor in addition to backing up Griffin. Colt has only been in the NFL slightly longer than RG3, so he can't be much of a mentor to him. On the positive side, Colt has more career left than Rex and can offer more in the backup role. Colt has not said much about the trade. His Twitter account is not very active. His only activity regarding the Redskins was to follow teammates Alfred Morris, Brian Orakpo, and Pierre Garçon.

Colt McCoy Highlights (via SmIlEy RiLeY)