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Washington Redskins 2014 Player Profile: Alfred Morris. Running Back

Examining Redskins stud running back Alfred Morris, and his future in Washington.

Redskins Running Back Alfred Morris
Redskins Running Back Alfred Morris
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Alfred Morris

Running Back

Florida Altantic University

Round 6, Pick 173

Twitter: @Trey_Deuces

Career Stats:


Attempts: 611

Attempts per game: 19.1

Yards: 2,888

Average: 4.7

Yards per game: 90.2

Touchdowns: 20


Receptions: 20

Yards: 155

Average: 7.8

Touchdowns: 0

2014 Outlook:

Alfred Morris has been nothing but successful since entering the NFL in 2012, so why would 2014 be any different? It won’t be. In fact, Morris could be in for a bigger year. Morris joined Pierre Garcon as the only consistent offensive threat the Redskins had in 2013, but that will be completely different in 2014. With a fully healthy RGIII, the additions of DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts, and an improved offensive line Morris should be set for another phenomenal year for the Redskins.

Morris has shown he can take over a game (see vs. Dallas week 17 in 2012). However, Morris might get less touches in 2014 than he has the first two years of his career, which may not be a bad thing. Morris has taken quite a bit of wear and tear his first two seasons. Morris carrying the ball less will keep him healthier and fresher, but his stats may not be quite as good as they have been in the past. However, as RGIII has pointed recently pointed out, as long as we're winning, everyone’s happy.

Roster Projection: Makes Roster, Starter

Morris is one of the few Redskins that can feel 100% safe about his roster and starting spot. Morris is not only the best running back on the Redskins roster, but he is one of the best running backs in the entire league. Morris and RGIII are the future of the Redskins, and already becoming the faces of the franchise. Morris will continue to drive to Redskins park in his 1991 Mazda and continue to dominate defenses.