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New Offense Could Revive Eli; Dez Bryant's Contract not a Distraction; and Franklin's Career Ends After Only One Season

A look at the top NFL stories around the league

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Sloppy Seconds, your afternoon/evening update on all of the news around the NFL.

Tom Coughlin: New offense will refresh Eli Mannin –

Let us hope he is very wrong.

Which NFL teams have the best wide receivers? – SBN

Good read from SBN breaking down the NFL’s wide receiver groups. The Redskins did pretty dang good on this list.

Cowboys' Dez Bryant: Contract talks 'not a distraction' –

I hope this negotiations end with Dez playing for someone outside of the NFC east.

Clowney: No timetable for return - ESPN

Rex Ryan on playbook story: Pettine needs to be quiet –


Injury ends Franklin's Packers career – ESPN

That is a downer. Franklin had a great rookie season behind Eddie Lacey.