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Ryan Fitzpatrick wins starting job; John Beason wont need surgery; McCoy on Jackson's release; Morgan Moses finding his niche.

A roundup of the top NFL stories from around the league.

I'd like to start out today's sloppy seconds by recognizing an NFL legend in Chuck Noll, he was a great coach and will be missed around the NFL. RIP Chuck. Now back to business.

Ryan Fitzpatrick wins Texans QB job - ESPN

For now, it looks like the Redskins will face Ryan Fitzpatrick on September 7th. This should bode well for the Redskins, Fitzpatrick has been mediocre throughout his career but will likely get the nod over rookie Tom Savage.

John Beason's foot will not require surgery - ESPN

The Redskins play the Giants in week four, so if Beason would have required surgery it may have affected his status for that game. However, for now it appears that Beason will not require surgery and will be playing when the Redskins take on the Giants on September 25th.

Redskins notes: Tempers flare - ESPN

ESPN's John Keim discusses the opening of mini-camp that felt more like training camp due to the high temperatures and the tempers flaring just as hot.

McCoy on Jackson's release - ESPN

LeSean McCoy's take on the DeSean Jackson release and the message Chip Kelly sent to the Eagles.

Morgan Moses finding his niche on Redskins O-Line - CSN

An encouraging read from CSN Washington on third round pick Morgan Moses finding his niche with the O-Line

Robert Griffin III Explains "The Movement" -

"The movement is just an identity for us," RGIII explained. "What's going to be our identity? The 'Hogs' had their identity. We're not the 'Hogs.' We're a fast, explosive football team both on offense and defense.

Tony Romo uses backup QB jersey's to attempt to throw INTs sooner - ESPN

Romo steals Caleb Hanie's jersey and attempts to sneak into the huddle.  Throwing picks at home no longer satisfies the QBs need to break the hearts of Dallas fans worldwide.