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Washington Redskins 2014 Player Profile: Tyler Polumbus, Right Tackle

Taking a look at Tyler Polumbus, and his outlook for the 2014 season.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Polumbus

Right Tackle

University of Colorado

Undrafted Free-Agent

Twitter: @Tyler_Polumbus

2014 Outlook:

The Redskins are obviously not content with their right tackle position, they attempted to pursue Donald Penn, and drafted what they believe to be the long term solution in Morgan Moses. However, Tyler Polumbus will enter training camp as the starter. Polumbus was part of an offensive line unit that was a weak point for the Redskins in 2013 and was pushed around far too often. The offensive line has gone through a significant amount of changes this off-season, with Trent Williams being the only player who can feel safe about his job.

Polumbus often gets too much blame from fans, when in actuality he was just one problem on an offensive line full of problems. After all, Polumbus was part of an offensive line that was very solid in 2012, a line that was also aided by a healthy RGIII scrambling around causing defensive lines to hesitate before pursuing him. However, even if Polumbus takes more heat than he deserves it doesn't change the fact that the Redskins need to upgrade the right tackle position. The Skins drafted Morgan Moses to be that long-term upgrade, but the question is when will he be ready to take over as the starter.

Roster Bubble: Makes Roster

I hate to break it to you Redskins Nation, but Tyler Polumbus will make the 53-man roster and more than likely trot out onto the field in Houston as the starting right tackle. The Redskins will be able to manage with Polumbus as the starter, and although they would like Moses to be ready sooner than later, the ultimate goal is to have him ready by the 2015 season (2014 is the last year of Polumbus' contract). No matter how Moses performs this season, Polumbus' days as a Redskin are numbered. If I had to predict, I would say that be week 10 of the regular season, Moses will have taken over as the starter.

Personal Information:

Tyler Polumbus is active in several charities, like Tyler's Kids Outreach(TKO), and recently held an event for kids at Redskins Park.